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About Books for Good

Local public library Friends groups have been re-selling library discards and donated books to supplement their libraries’ budgets since public libraries had budgets. Our Friends group is no different.

With the Internet came ecommerce and we began supplementing our brick-and-mortar book sales with online book sales in some of the more popular markets.  In very little time, we were processing thousands of online sales every week, shipping all over the world, and raising more and more funds for programs and services at Phoenix Public Library.

In an effort to share the success and maximize our impact on the community, we reached out to other nonprofits with books to resell and offered to host their online book sale programs for a cut of the proceeds.

Finally, when the inventory was large and diverse enough, the need for our own online marketplace became clear. In our own marketplace, we could cut out the commission and other ecommerce fees we were paying to the more popular markets and keep more of the dollars for ours and our partners’ missions. Thusly, Books for Good was born.

But the real heroes of this story are the volunteers who give their time behind the scenes to scan and package hundreds to thousands of books every day. And let’s not forget the generous people in our community that donate their books to support the causes they care about.

Of course, the story wouldn’t be complete without shoppers like you. For your business, we thank you sincerely …

Thank you for shopping Books for Good.